Hurting is Good
by Ron Pate

Pain is a powerful ally in numerous ways. Indeed it is nature's way of telling us something needs attention and of encouraging us to take action. For example, if you burn your finger, pain tells you to remove your finger from the heat source and to dress the wound. Without pain our bodies would quickly become injured to the point they would cease to function.

Pain can be a similar ally in larger, non-physical ways. I have heard it said that one of the most powerful things which causes people to reach for, commit to, and achieve outstanding success is a strong level of discontent. And discontent is in a way emotional pain. Indeed, when you get to the place where it hurts so bad that you'll make the needed changes in your life, no matter what it costs, you're on your way up.

Life is about choices. We choose how we respond to any particular situation. Many, when they are in emotional pain whether triggered by family, financial, career, or other causes, look for ways to simply hide from the pain or cover it up. Instead, take a more proactive approach. Determine that you're not only going to take temporary steps to help you deal with the pain in the short term, but that you're going to take positive, concrete actions to address the root source of the pain. Grit your teeth, determine once and for all that you're not looking back, and springboard yourself from failure to success, eliminating the situation that caused the pain once and for all. Learn from failures and setbacks, grow from experience, and you'll eventually rise to the top and realize your dreams.

I've often considered that those who achieve outstanding levels of personal success have been through tremendous difficulties along the way. So is life. It tests those who would become extraordinary to ensure they're worthy. Like a sword that must be tempered in fire and honed to its razor sharpness through the most abusive of methods, life must hone us through the challenges we face.

So, remember, nearly every difficult challenge you face contains the seed of an equivalent benefit. The challenges you face may be essential stepping stones to success, without which you'd never reach your goals. Reframe your thinking along these lines and you'll indeed have a greater chance of achieving your dreams.

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Copyright 2006 by Ron D. Pate. All rights reserved.