Keep Things in Perspective
by Ron D. Pate

It seems that nearly everyone I meet is overwhelmed and stressed to the max. I know that I certainly tend to fall into this trap myself. However, for long term success it is very important that we keep things in perspective.

I recall a day in late November 2002 when I was rushing about doing what I thought at the time were the most important tasks on my list, in a near frenzy. As it seemed nothing was being accomplished and as these things were of vital importance my blood pressure rose steadily.

Then the phone rang and my wife called to me and said my sister-in-law was on the line regarding my mom. Since my sister-in-law had never called me before, I knew something must be up. Turns out my mom had just been admitted to the critical care unit and things were going downhill fast.

Needless to say the work items I was focused on so intently became much less meaningful and the true importance of these items came to light. I immediately jumped in the car and headed to the hospital, a little over an hour away.

I was able to see my mom and to talk to her one final time for about two minutes before she slipped into a coma from which she never emerged. Had I not taken off right away I would have never had this opportunity.

Whenever I get stressed over the items on my task list, or I feel things are out of control, I think back to this defining moment in my life and realize the true importance of things. Without keeping things in perspective, you can get worked up into such a state that you are unable to be effective in anything you do. Use those pivotal moments in your life, whether they are happy or sad, to help you keep things in perspective. It is vital for your future success.

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