Plan A, B, C
by Ron Pate

Over the years I have started and built several successful businesses. I have also had businesses get in trouble when I didn’t do the things that I knew I should do. Ultimately this led to my having to spend many late nights and significant effort to restore the companies to profitable operation. In the end I have always succeeded and have never lost a company but how I wish I had listened to my own advice along the way! I would have far fewer grey hairs and would be much farther along in my personal and professional success journey.

One of the strategies that I now follow like the Gospel and whose vital importance I have learned the hard way is that of planning. If you carefully plan your business, adjust your plan as things change, and stay on top of the affairs of your business (and life) you’ll find things will go much more smoothly.

And in planning you need to realize that things will not always pan out as you expect. In fact, things will most likely NOT pan out exactly as you first figure they will. Therefore you need to develop your Plan A, or desired course of action. Then consider what can go wrong and looking at the most likely deviations that could occur develop a Plan B. Then, if appropriate, develop a Plan C. Know the triggers that will indicate to you when it’s time to kick in Plan B. Likewise, if Plan B goes awry, know when to activate Plan C. Hopefully you’ll never need Plan B or C, but it’s better to think in advance what actions you’ll take if a certain situation develops, thus allowing you to continue on course regardless of whether or not your preferred course of action works out as expected.

When planning, try to be realistic but stretch just a bit. Your plan should pull you forward but should at the same time not be so out of reach that you have no way of achieving the goals you’ve outlined. Consider carefully where you’re starting from and what resources you have available to you and realize that things usually take more time and money than you initially believe they will.

By carefully developing a well thought out, realistic plan with the proper contingencies built in, and then by sticking with that plan as long as it still works, and changing strategies as situations warrant, you’ll find yourself achieving much more than you would any other way. In fact you’ll achieve much more than most ever achieve in their life if you stick with it long enough.

Go for your dreams!


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