Positive Expectations
by Ron Pate

Many people dream of achieving outstanding goals in their lives. Some actually take steps to start pursuing their dreams. All who do will hit snags along the way. It's guaranteed. It's just the way life works. We must pass through difficult times to reach outstanding success. Of all the keys to succeeding long term, and navigating the choppy waters that life throws us in, it is absolutely essential that we program ourselves for success. Nothing is as powerful as our thoughts when it comes to setting us up for success.

The key is to so totally focus on positive expectations that you push the gloomy, depressing self doubts out of your mind. Look to a brighter future, visualize it with powerful concentration, feel it, taste it, know it exists. By actively envisioning with all of your mind and heart the positive outcomes you wish to realize, and then by doing the best that you can to accomplish them, in an intelligent, well thought out way, you'll set yourself up with the greatest possible chance of success.

This principle of focusing on positive expectations and visualizing the positive outcomes you seek has been proven over time to be the best fundamental way to fertilize your mind with the nutrients needed to grow the seeds of success which you have planted there with your dreams.

So, get positive, program your mind with positive thoughts, see the bright and glorious future vividly in your mind, believe you can achieve it, and before you know it you'll be on your way.

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Copyright 2006 by Ron D. Pate. All rights reserved.