Secrets of Winning Real Estate Investments
by Ron D. Pate

Many people ask me what I consider to be the most powerful secrets of winning real estate investments. Well, I think I’d say that although there are truly no secrets, those deals that I’ve found to be the most profitable are ones that share the following three characteristics:

A good measure of equity in the property – this must be based on a CONSERVATIVE value appraisal

A motivated seller – there must be a win-win solution to whatever issue the seller is facing, but they MUST be facing some challenge that you can solve.

An opportunity for creativity - creative real estate deals, where there is ample opportunity to find unique and winning angles to the deal, invariably win the profits race hands down.

So, consider the above in EVERY deal you pursue. If you find all three elements in a deal, then you most likely have a winner. Learn to find the creative elements and opportunities and you will indeed maximize your returns and you will HAVE MORE FUN IN THE PROCESS.

Happy hunting!

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