Success and Wealth Take Time

Go to any major bookstore and you will find enough "Get Rich Quick" publications to fill a shopping cart. If you don't care to read about getting rich, you can indulge in the late night infomercials. For hours on end you can witness countless stories of remarkable transformations -- from poverty to yachts and mansions; documented with large blowup copies of canceled checks made out to the newly rich. Just call the handy number on your screen and order the incredible guides to a new and fabulous life. If you’re not satisfied with your new wealth, you can return the course and get your money back.

Do these books, tapes, and seminars really work? Can someone, through study, bring about lasting significant personality change and undergo a transformation from an average person with limited drive, ambition, and skills to a successful entrepreneur? Not typically. Most buyers of this material enjoy only a short burst of stimulation. The instant success is usually fleeting. The bottom line is that, just as you can't lose weight by simply reading about it, you can't become rich simply by being a couch potato listening to the latest success cassette.

Indeed, there are enough people yearning for the secret of instant success to support an entire industry. Unfortunately, much of the industry leads many to lose their money by jumping into speculative or ill-conceived ventures while under the influence of greedy companies promoting false hope and impossible prosperity.

Now then, let’s look at some of the real principles of success that you must follow if you are to achieve wealth and prosperity.

1. Self-confidence: Your ability to overcome fear of failure and to inspire the confidence of customers, investors, and associates is paramount.

2. Persistence: Maintaining a sense of optimism through difficult times. Most businesses go under water financially before they weather the storm and become profitable. You must have faith and be persistent to break through to great success.

3. Resilience: The inner strength to rebound from disappointments and defeat. No lasting measure of success comes without difficultly. You must be resilient to stay in the game long enough to win.

4. Vision: The ability to visualize goals. Without the ability to crystallize your goals and work towards them in objective fashion, you are much less likely to end up where you want to be.

5. Independence: Inner satisfaction with responsibility of personal actions. You must not be dependent on someone else.

6. Daring: The ability to measure risk and take action without fear. If you hate risk and shy away from it, you also shy away from opportunity. Success requires stepping out on faith and believing in yourself enough to take calculated risks.

7. Leverage: The ability to leverage, in win-win fashion, the time, talent, and money of others. Additionally, technology should be leveraged to maximize your chances of success.

Yes, you should invest in motivational and success training and materials, but be sure to keep these points in mind:

1. Be cautious of any advice claiming you can realize "instant success". “Get rich quick” advice rarely works as advertised.

2. Weigh any training you receive against a sound base of logic and realism.

3. Keep in mind that successful entrepreneurs don't gamble. Instead they take calculated risks and know the odds.

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