Success Takes Time
by Ron D. Pate

Over the years I’ve accomplished far more than most my age. But it has not been without many struggles and challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge I faced was the brute force realization that my Herculean effort was not going to make me rich on day one, and that the goals I sought to achieve would TAKE TIME to reach.

Many people I encounter seem to think they can open up the latest course or follow the latest investment opportunity, and voila, they will instantly be successful, popular, wealthy, or whatever their goal or definition of success may be. The truth of the matter is that, except in the rarest of circumstances, this is simply NOT THE WAY IT WORKS.

You must prepare yourself, ensuring you have the skills necessary to succeed, you must set short and long term goals, and then you must button down the hatches and get to work, realizing that there will likely be many storms, some fierce, between where you are and where you want to be.

One of the greatest differentiators between those who have accomplished, and continue to accomplish, great things is the level of vision, perseverance, and personal fortitude the person has. Those who stick with it, weather the storms, learn from their failures, and continue to drive onward towards their dreams regardless of what challenges they may encounter are the ONLY ones who ultimately succeed.

You have greatness within you, but you must pursue your dreams with the right attitude. Develop a long term perspective, be strong and persistent, and success can be yours!

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Copyright 2005 by Ron D. Pate, All rights reserved.